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Family Tree Diagram

Creating a family tree diagram or other visuals can bring your search to life and make your findings more interesting to your family and others you share with. A family tree will place your ancestors on a relational plane with others that lived before and after them

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Based On True Stories

Here are five films based on true stories that will leave you asking for more. Nothing is as inspiring as watching a true-story movie/film that made it from a book to the silver screen.

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Family Historian

So you have volunteered to be the family historian. Now what? Where do you start? Do you have the time or patience to do this? Well, here are a few tips to get you started. How to find your ancestors? Did you ever think you could put find my ancestors and fun

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Genealogy Research Services

Our professional genealogy research services are available at local repositories in Southeast & Southwest Louisiana. We provide in-depth consultations by mail, web cast, telephone, or in person at the Louisiana Archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Storytelling Using Technology

Storytelling using technology is one of those huge developments in our generation that seemingly arrived on the scene without great fanfare. One day it was just there. The transformation from radio to television was a big evolution but once we became

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Genealogy Researcher

It’s quite an honor to be known as the genealogy researcher. Whether you cherish this role for yourself or have somehow been designated by others to be the ‘keeper of historical memorabilia, old paperwork and dusty mementos’

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Family History Center

An LDS Family History Center is a branch facility of the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the Mormons, value genealogy and family history research as part of their religion.

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Stories In Our Lives

All of us have stories to tell – the stories in our lives.  The best author of those stories are ourselves, not someone searching family history a hundred years from now.  If you think the events that happen to you in your daily life don’t matter, think again.

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