Short Motivational Stories

The short motivational stories are about changes and metamorphosis that occur in people. Some are about escaping poverty, and others about self-realization and life accomplishments. Many stories deal with helping strangers and dealing with unexpected twists and turn in life. The idea is to present a variety of perspectives and observations about fixing problems and gaining awareness of one's worth and value. Some contributors will have overcome personal obstacles, while others will have solved social or economic issues for many people. What matters most is the stories bring a message of hope and a viewpoint that expands the reader's awareness. There are many measuring sticks in life, and finances may be one of them, but it is not the only measuring stick, and the stories told cover wealth of all kinds, including the essential type of wealth - happiness.

Time is One Commodity 

LOC 1899 or 1900Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, GA

Today's world presents many unique challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to live, thrive, and survive. Learning how people overcome those challenges and make their way around the challenges is valuable. It is beneficial because it provides insights into making headway in life, and the stories convey a simple, important message. It's a message of hope. And hope creates some significant consequences when applied to the human condition. Today's world also presents everyone with a common predicament. Time is one commodity we all share, yet we each deal with it uniquely. Some folks have lots of time to do as they wish, but many people don't have enough time in each to accomplish everything they want. That's why brief stories that motivate are a much better alternative to long narratives with lots of details.

Short Motivational Stories Provide Insight

From the commoner to the celebrity, from the middle of America to the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The excellent news is great motivational stories can come from anywhere and be about anyone and anything. Children to adults to seniors and even historical figures from the past have stories that help guide and motivate people to accomplish their goals and succeed. Presidents, princes, and paupers all have a voice that speaks to rising above the noise and confusion to improve, increase, and enhance their lives and the lives of others. From Hollywood to Bollywood and in every other culture and society worldwide, short motivational stories provide insight and are an essential learning tool for others to enjoy. Regardless of who tells the story, everyone will identify with the real-life characters, past, present, and future, and their struggles and eventual success in overcoming those struggles.

Here, There and Everywhere

The outstanding thing about short motivational stories is they originate from all over. Even better is the subject spans every aspect of life, love, and learning. The messages may contain different content, but the purpose remains the same. By learning from the lives, experiences, and perspectives, no matter who they are or what they've done, we benefit by applying the newfound knowledge to our own lives and circumstances. This is how humans progress and develop the skills to adapt, adopt, and adjust to life's ever-changing landscape. No matter where you go and no matter who you encounter, there are always great stories to learn and enjoy.

Start the Journey; You'll Be Glad You Did

We all have a story to tell, and we have had good and bad days. Most people are faced with challenges of one kind or another, and the ability to tell their story of overcoming those challenges inspires others to do the same thing. Only by reading the stories and understanding the conditions can we appreciate what others have accomplished and how they did it. Short stories get to the point and don't make the reader ponder and wander through details. Learning occurs in humans, and it takes place all the time. Learning from the lives, conditions, and experiences helps guide each reader to a better and more successful result. That result is a better emotionally, operationally, and spiritually short motivational story. 

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