Genealogy Research Services

Our professional genealogy research services are available at local repositories in Southeast & Southwest Louisiana. We provide in-depth consultations by mail, web cast, telephone, or in person at the Louisiana Archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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researching at the courthouseGenealogy Research Services

We also provide a genealogy service to retrieve records, scan and email documents to our clients who cannot make it to the courthouse. Click here if you are interested in this service.

What's Included in Our Genealogy Research Services

The genealogy services includes the creation of a research plan, evidence collection and analysis. If it is a rush order (needed within 30 days ) add $20.00 per hour. A retainer of 30% of the total commissioned project fees. The retainer will be applied toward the research fees. Other expenses not included in the hourly rate are copies, shipping and handling I will charge at cost.

I will provide the research services report in the PDF format for online delivery. If you desire paper copies in additional to the PDF copies, additional charges apply. We will explain the importance of each document in a clear and concise manner. The report will include pedigree charts and family group sheets that will show the new family information found.

We will provide a letter of agreement before any monies is exchanged or work performed. This letter will describe:

  • Scope of work
  • Contract hours
  • Fees charged
  • Explanation of what the retainer covers and how it is applied toward the final payment.
  • Provisions for research to extend past terms of initial agreement and how additional authorization are to be put in writing.
  • The agreement will identify who hold the copyright to the written research report.

Code of Ethics

I agree that professionalism in genealogy requires ethical conduct in all relationships with the present or potential genealogical community.


Remember every genealogy project is unique. As a professional I can not make any guarantee about the information you seek. We can not predict the time it will take to verify the discover details you need. The fees you are paying are for my time and expertise. If you need any other family history, services add it to the comment section below and we will get back with you.

We can accept checks or credit cards through PayPal only.

Send us a request to the email below.  Also include your best contact number, a copy of your Pedigree Chart, and Family Group Sheet with vital records data (birth, marriage, death).  Fill out as much as you can. We will contact you upon review.

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