Based On True Stories

Here are five films based on true stories that will leave you asking for more. Nothing is as inspiring as watching a true-story movie/film that made it from a book to the silver screen. This is true if you have already read the book. All the unfolding stories you could only picture in your mind are now coming to life on the big screen. The twist and turns, not to mention the moments of suspense are sure to captivate you from the first second to the last. 

5 films based on true stories you
should watch this year

1. Saving Private Ryan 

Saving Private Ryan is a true war story that revolves around a group of soldiers who set out to save a paratrooper in enemy territory. The Paratrooper had lost all his brothers in the ongoing war, and the group of soldiers had to save him, as he was the only remaining son from the Niland family. Although the movie has plenty of fictional accounts (just to spice up the storyline), it seeks to teach viewers about upholding family values even in the face of adversity. The Nilands family historian may have a different story of their family history.

2. Chariot of Fires 

This is a true story of two Olympic athletes- Harold Abrahams and English Jew, and Eric Lindell - a devout Christian born in China to Scottish missionaries. The two athletes use their prowess to overcome various obstacles in their lives, including anti-Semitism, class bias, and prejudice. Abrahams earns respect from his exploits on the track while Eric Lindell spreads the Gospel through athletics. 

3. The Pursuit of Happiness 

This is a true rags-to-riches story about a homeless single father, Chris Gardener, and his financial struggles. Chris loses his job, wife, house, bank account and everything, and ends up living out on the streets with his son. However, he undergoes a 6-month training program on entrepreneurship that transforms his life. Using his new skills, he starts out on a professional endeavor in his pursuit of real happiness. 

4. Braveheart 

Braveheart is another film based on a true story that made it from a book to the big screen. It talks about a Scottish rebel, William Wallace, who leads a revolt against a cruel English regime, as he seeks to free his people from oppression. After his capture, he refuses to recognize the authority of the English rulers even when faced with death. This movie teaches us to stand against wrong and to believe in our principles. 

5. Remember the Titans 

This movie is based on the true story of T C Williams High School back in 1974. An African-American coach is appointed to head a racially segregated team, but ends up integrating different races into the school’s football team against all odds. Remember the Titans is a movie that conveys a message of how racial segregation can be crashed for the betterment of society. 

So, whenever you are on the edge or feel down, watching movies based on true stories can replenish your energy and restore your spirits. Be sure to watch any of our recommended movies to draw inspiration and find motivation to pursue your goals.

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